Fabric at market

We went to Maharagama to buy piece of fabric for sketch books





This market are selling normal fabric and cut -off piece of fabrics.
What is the cut-off fabric is factory left ome of cut-off fabric t make some fashionable items or something. Normally what people do is burn them or throw it away. But they are selling those piece of random fabrics and selling. It was fun to choose fabrics because I felt like I’m hunting some of treasure .

After the exam

My fiance sat on the Japanese exam to go to Japan. And that exam is over now so he invited so many friends and chill out at taphous in dutch hospital, Colombo.



I ordered

“sex on the beach ” and “chocolate mousse”.
It was so fun!

Sri Lanka Design Festical’13

On 10th Oct, one of my friend invited me to the Sri Lanka Design Festival’13 (SLDF). She is the student of Academy of Design in Sri Lanka (AOD) and that fashion show is presented  by AOD. The Fashion show is from 10th – 12th Oct and at final day, they will give award for designer who won through the 3 days.

This is the photos which I went and other 2 days.

Photography © Angelo Agellos Clickmeister Samarawickrema for SLDF

All Rights Reserved


















If you are insterested in checking photos more and see who won on this show, Please visit Facebook page of SLDF.


AOD Reveal Exhibition

Few days before, my fiance and I went to Exhibition which AOD provided. The reason why we went there was one of our team mate is final grade in AOD.

He is doing graphic design and fortunately he is the budge top. I will show you some nice photo which I took there.


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Iedit - 8

This is my favorite one in the Exhibition.

New office item


Those days I couldn’t update my blog because it was so much busy days. Today I will show you what I made for office.

It is just for my fun because my dad is making box and those pop – up design as business so I have few knowledge how to make.

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New wave #2 at AOD

After long time guys. Those days scribble! made new sketch books for A4  and A3 for Academy of Design. That college is the almost main shop for us and These days, It’s the season of fresher man so we make new fresh sketch books for them!

And also we change the cover of book which was on the wall. Before we used normal fabric sketch book cover but now we show handmade fabric cover by one of their designer.

Please take a look and enjoy our design.

Academy of Design Northumbria University Sri Lanka

scribble! create new small books for Academy of Design yesterday.  One of scribble! member is from that university and they discussed  what is the best to present for fresher man. Fortunately they decided to give scribble a chance to share the happiness to welcome fresher man. This cover design is by also one of their student. Her name is Diana George  . This books are filled by arts of Academy of Design.



AOD 500 books order